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Opening a subsidiary or branch office in Brazil without local support can quickly turn into a headache.

Due to the complexity of Brazilian legislation, foreign companies and business owners guided by competent staff with experience in local procedures already have an advantage.

Europartner handles all the necessary steps for setting up your company in Brazil. We are committed to providing you with a fully operational and ready-to-use structure, thanks to our team of lawyers, accountants and tax experts.

Europartner is here to help you set up your company in Brazil!

Opening a company in Brazil - Europartner

Steps to set up a company in Brazil

When forming a company in Brazil, it is necessary to prepare bylaws that will be registered with Brazilian bodies.

Steps to set up a company in Brazil:

  • preparation of the bylaws, including the type of company, the activities undertaken, the corporate name, the members and respective membership interests, the capital stock, the address, the legal manager;
  • registration of the bylaws with the registry of commerce of the municipality where the company will be domiciled;
  • After registering, the CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer ID) is obtained from the Federal Revenue Service. Then, the company is formed and enrolled with the National Register of Corporate Taxpayers (CNPJ). The CNPJ number consists of 14 digits and corresponds to the company’s tax number;
  • In order for the company to be able to operate, it is necessary to obtain operating licenses called “alvarás”, as well as the municipal registration for service activities and the state registration for commercial activities.
  • Then, it’s time to open the bank account so that the company can operate and the members can deposit the capital stock defined in the company’s bylaws. If the capital comes from abroad, it must be registered with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Mission accomplished!

Types of companies currently existing

Very small business 

The individual microenterprise (MEI) makes it possible to welcome self-employed professionals who need a legal structure to issue tax invoices. This type of articles of organization is suitable for the sale of products and services, only by people of Brazilian nationality or holding a permanent visa.

Entrepreneurs under the MEI regime must follow certain rules: for example, they cannot be members of other companies. In addition, annual revenue must not exceed R$81,000.00.

Limited liability company

The limited liability company, known as LTDA, is the most common type of partnership, formed by one or more members. Members are included in the articles of organization (contrato social), having a liability limited to their contributions to the company.

There is no minimum capital requirement; the manager must be Brazilian or a foreigner holding a permanent visa. Foreign members, whether individuals or legal entities, must be represented by a Brazilian or a foreigner with a permanent visa.

Types may vary for the following particular cases:

  • the one-member limited liability company with a single member;
  • with several associates, the small limited company (EPP) with a revenue limit of R$ 4.8 million and low taxation.


The corporation (S.A.) is a bylaw that allows a company to go public and open its capital to several shareholders. It is governed by multiple obligations, including the obligation to establish a Board of Directors and reserve 10% of the capital stock.

Foreign members, whether individuals or legal entities, must be represented by a Brazilian or a foreigner with a permanent visa. The legal manager follows the same rules.

Europartner is specialized in setting up companies for foreigners.

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