Whether the company is a startup, a small or medium-sized foreign company or a multinational corporation, a European consultant will be at your disposal: we are committed to answering your questions as quickly as possible. All our consultants have technical expertise and good business relationships.

Let us introduce ourselves!

Our history

Europartner was founded in 2009 by Mathieu Piques, together with other French and Brazilian partners, when Brazil was in its boom years. This new giant was then the new El Dorado of the business area. At that time, many foreign entrepreneurs came to Rio de Janeiro to try their luck.

Antoine Reymondon was one of Europartner’s first clients. He quickly became one of the company’s partners. The office in Rio was gradually being expanded. In 2012, Europartner had around twenty clients, managed by around ten employees. Since that time, winning over new clients has always been based on the company’s strategy: to provide clients with customized service and to always be in contact in order to be able to meet their needs with great responsiveness.

That was when Europartner decided to establish a second office in São Paulo. The objective was to target companies that are bigger and with more international presence. The new office quickly became successful: for example, entering into contracts with reputable companies such as Lego and the Accor Group. In 2020, Europartner had significantly increased its staff: around thirty employees worked in the accounting office.

In the same year, one of its historic clients, PSG Academy, a leader in soccer schools in Brazil, decided to establish a unit in Belo Horizonte, the third largest economic center in the country. Europartner has proven once again that it is committed to providing the best possible support to its customers. So a new office was opened.

Today, in 2023, Europartner has 200 accounting, tax management and financial management clients in its portfolio. In 2022, with a staff of approximately 50 employees, the company had 35 million reais in revenue, leveraging it as a BPO startup for foreign companies in Brazil.

Our team

Europartner’s management is European, while the teams are Brazilian. It results in a cultural diversity that is currently one of the company’s great advantages over the competition.

Antoine Reymondon

Antoine Reymondon, Europartner managing director

Antoine Reymondon is the managing director of Europartner Group. An engineer with an MBA in finance and foreign trade, he has dedicated 12 years to advising foreign companies in their operations in Brazil, from their formal organization to financial, tax and legal advice. His previous experience as general manager in a subsidiary of an international company gave him all the keys to better understand the complexity of South America and the Brazilian market in particular. In his daily work, such unique experiences have allowed him to make Europartner one of the leaders in supporting European and U.S. companies in Brazil.

Antoine is fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Ekaterina Bertrand

Ekaterina Bertrand, Europartner Rio de Janeiro director

Ekaterina Bertrand is operations director at the Europartner office in Rio de Janeiro. She holds dual French and Russian citizenship. After getting a master’s degree in sociology and an MBA in management, she has worked in human resources, sales, marketing and business development departments in Russia, France and Brazil for over 10 years. Through her experiences, she has acquired a solid knowledge of company formation in Brazil, mainly on HR and financial aspects.

Ekaterina speaks French, Russian, English and Portuguese.

Clément Floc’h

Clément Floc'h, Europartner Sao Paulo managing director

Clément Floc’h is a director at the Europartner office in São Paulo. He got a master’s degree from NEOMA business school in France. He started his career in Paris and was then hired by Europartner in Brazil. His expertise in finance and accounting has helped make the company one of the main players in the English-speaking BPO area in Brazil. He has been working at Europartner for 7 years.

Clément speaks French, English and Portuguese.

Ana Guimarães

Ana Guimaraes, Europartner Belo Horizonte manager

Ana Guimarães is the financial manager of Europartner Brasil Group and manager at the Belo Horizonte (MG) office. Specialist in corporate finance, she has worked in several renowned institutions in Minas Gerais. With a recent MBA in team and conflict management from Faculdade de Lisboa in Portugal, she returned to Brazil to join the Europartner team.

Ana Guimarães speaks Portuguese.

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