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In an election year, many foreign companies preferred to postpone investing in Brazil as a result of economic and political fluctuations.  The movement to put a brake on investments takes […]

How to start a foreign capital company in Brazil?

Setting up a company in Brazil  can be a real challenge! Even more so for entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the bureaucracy in the country. Therefore, when starting a […]

How to manage payroll in Brazilian companies

A relevant aspect that every foreign investor needs to know  is employee payroll. With so many legal issues and bureaucratic processes, hiring a human resources company in Brazil  can be […]

Accounting for startups: tips to check before entering the Brazilian market

The Brazilian market  presents itself as a sea of opportunities  for startups. Always supported by a tax accountant in Brazil, foreign companies assess how they can expand operations and increase […]

How does a limited liability company work in Brazil?

Incorporating a company in Brazil is a bureaucratic process, as the country’s regulations are among the most complex in the world. Anyone who wants to start a business must choose […]

Leading companies of the Energy industry in Brazil in 2022

Brazil is one of the leading countries in hydroelectric power generation, trailing China. The growth of power companies in the country is surprising, as is the development of Enel, one […]