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Europartner Brazil, selected by Business France as a new reference

We are glad to announce that we have been chosen by Business France as a reference service for foreign companies willing to establish in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. […]

The best way to make an International bank transfer to Brazil

When looking to make an international transfer at low cost, the banking option is far from the most advantageous. Companies such as TransferWise set out to provide the solution by […]

Opening a branch in Brazil

About legal representation of foreign shareholders   To develop activities in Brazil, it is recommended to constitute either a limited liability company (Sociedade Limitada – Ltda), or a public limited […]

Labor legislation in Brazil : what’s the Pro-Labore about ?

Pro-labore and salary are terms that are often confused, but have different meanings in the context of a company. One is aimed at the managing partners of the business, while […]

Business in São Paulo : Government exempts fees for opening companies for 60 days

Governor João Doria announced that the number of publicly-held companies in the state in July broke a record, with 21,600 new CNPJs, a number 8% higher than that registered in […]

ALL ABOUT… The de-bureaucratization law in Brazil

If you’re leading a business in Brazil, you probably know that the country is considered as one of the most bureaucratic ones in the world. Indeed, procedures such as opening […]