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Europartner is a service center for company formation in Brazil.

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Europartner is a service center for international companies in Brazil.

Our core activities are accounting and tax management. We offer accounting and tax services so that you can develop your business in Brazil in compliance with local legislation, enabling you to confidently manage your business growth.


How do we provide the accounting advisory services?

Accounting consists of recording changes in a company’s assets. Therefore, it translates documents related to the company’s transactions into numbers, in accordance with established accounting principles and standards.

Europartner has been operating in Brazil for almost 15 years, and can advise you throughout the entire phase of organizing your company, especially when choosing the tax regime, as well as in the daily accounting management of your company.

We offer a full range of accounting and tax management services, including customized consulting services. We provide our services in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.

We believe we can offer you a unique and customized service, thanks to the organization and processes that we have progressively implemented over our 15 years of existence:

  • We offer you a multilingual primary point of contact combining a business approach and technical skills;
  • We have built teams of analysts and coordinators with a small client portfolio, in order to better understand the challenges of your company and your business;
  • Training is at the heart of our strategy, allowing us to develop and consolidate our teams;
  • Our skills are not just technical: our field experience makes all the difference.

Our accounting reports

Discover all the services provided by the Europartner team of accounting experts! We deliver:

  • Your monthly financial documents (balance sheet and income statement);
  • Your group consolidation reports;
  • The mandatory annual financial statement (ECD);
  • Calculating and reporting transfer pricing.

Brazilian accounting standards are based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). They were adopted by Brazil in 2010.

Our tax reports

Monthly, quarterly, and annual tax calculation

In order to calculate the taxes to be paid by a company in Brazil, we consider the organization’s tax framework. There are basically three tax regimes:

Simplified Taxation (simples nacional)

This tax regime is intended only for local companies without foreign partners. The revenue of such companies is limited to R$ 4.8 million per year.

Tax rate: starting at 6% on revenue.

Presumptive profit (lucro presumido)

This regime does not impose any limit on the number of partners or activities. The maximum revenue shall be R$ 72 million per year.

This regime is more advantageous to high-margin service companies.

Tax rate: starting at 16.33% on revenue

Taxable profit (lucro real)

This regime does not impose any limit on the number of partners, activity or turnover. It is more complicated to set up. It is most suitable for companies that have large fixed assets or commercial partnerships with low margins.

Tax rate: 34% of corporate revenue.

For each of these regimes, the Brazilian administrative framework requires the payment of many taxes. Each tax has a specific calculation.


Issuance of all mandatory tax returns

The Europartner team prepares monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns.

It is required to issue at least a dozen tax returns. They consist in transmitting our accounting and tax information, in a specific format, to the different Brazilian administrative agencies: Federation, State and Municipality.


Tax optimization:

Brazil is a market attracting foreign investors.

The main barrier to entering this market is the Brazilian tax system, which is one of the most complex in the world. With its three distinct regimes (Presumptive Profit, Taxable Profit, Simplified Taxation), its three levels of taxation (federal, state and local) and its many exceptions, the tax issue may discourage entrepreneurs.

In the implementation phase:

Europartner performs detailed simulations of the tax burden generated by your activities in Brazil, to allow you to make the right decisions.

Other services we provide:

  • Cost estimate
  • Margin estimate
  • Miscellaneous advice on tax optimization.

During operation:

Tax optimization is what will help you, after fulfilling all your tax liabilities, make the most of the tax benefits allowed by Brazilian legislation, in order to reduce costs and maximize your business profits. Our tax department knows Brazil’s tax laws in depth, and will help you create a tax structure tailored to your operations.

Therefore, Europartner is in a position to help you with accounting and tax issues that require local and international technical knowledge.

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