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Europartner is a service center for company formation in Brazil.

Brazilian visa


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Europartner is a service center for international companies in Brazil.

Obtaining a Brazilian visa is necessary for you to physically settle in Brazil, whether you are an investor, the future manager of your subsidiary or a local employee.

We have the expertise to advise and support you throughout the process of obtaining the appropriate visa.

The visa is obtained by applying to the Ministry of Labor and Employment in Brazil.

Below are the different types of business-related visas:


Type of Visa Conditions for obtaining Validity Period
“Permanent” visa for investors (RN13) Investment of
R$ 500,000 by a foreign partner in the capital of a Brazilian company
2 years, which can be renewed several times up to a 9-year limit
“Permanent” visa for director (RN11) Investment of
R$ 600,000 by a foreign company 
2 years, which can be renewed several times up to a 9-year limit
Temporary work visa (RN2) Emploument contract between a foreign visa applicant and a Brazilian employer 2 years, which may be renewed once before transitioning to the indefinite visa, valid for the duration of the employment contract.

Europartner can speed up the visa process by 5 to 6 weeks.

Identifying and applying for the proper type of visa are important steps when setting up a company in Brazil.

Our skilled team takes care of all the procedures, from the initial gathering of the necessary documents to the final orientations you will need once your visa has been approved. We act as a bridge between you, using your own language, and the Brazilian management, which only speaks Portuguese.

Obtaining a visa can often be delayed if administrative follow-up is poorly coordinated. There may be major consequences, as your project to settle in Brazil may be significantly delayed.

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