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Europartner is a service center for company formation in Brazil.

Administrative and financial management

Outsourcing services

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Europartner is a service center for international companies in Brazil.

Each one in his own function: You operate, we manage.

To give you the opportunity to focus on your operations in Brazil, we offer you to outsource your administrative and financial functions. By getting rid of these concerns, you can put all your energy into your core business activities.

Thus, we take care of the operational financial aspects of your business, offering a wide range of services tailored to your needs.


  • Receipt of customer billing request forms, including sales prices and client information;
  • Analysis of taxation inherent to the customer’s invoicing flow;
  • Issue of electronic invoicing (Invoices) for the provision of services or sale of goods.


  • Management of the relationship with the client’s banking institutions;
  • Management of international electronic transfers (debts and receivables);
  • Analysis and verification of bank statements;
  • Payment of bills by bank transfer;
  • Cash flow forecasts and reports.

Accounts payable:

  • Analysis of processes and documents to be paid;
  • Contact with suppliers to clarify issues or discrepancies and, if necessary, obtain payment details (invoice or bank details);
  • Procedure for making payments through bank-issued invoices;
  • Authorization requests for making payments;
  • Monthly reconciliation between payments and supporting documents.

Accounts receivable:

  • Analysis and verification of bank statements;
  • Monitoring the status of all payments;
  • Reconciliation between tax invoices issued, foreign exchange contracts and bank statements;
  • Creation of accounts receivable maturity reports.

Advice on the financial management of employee benefits, namely:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance;
  • Meal ticket;
  • Transportation voucher;
  • Dental insurance.

Our in-depth knowledge of local banking and financial procedures allows us to resolve any issues to help you maximize financial performance.

Innovation is at the heart of Europartner’s strategy

Europartner has an innovation department, one of whose main missions is the constant improvement of financial processes, with the aim of:

  • automating processes to make them more reliable and efficient,
  • providing an agile service to our customers, increasingly coherent and consistent with our commitments.

Thus, our financial teams have at their disposal high-performance work tools and relevant methodological support.

Our organization:

Our finance teams are based in each of our offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, to be closer to you. This makes it easy to arrange for face-to-face meetings or schedule appointments with your bank when needed.

Our financial analysts are recruited due to their unique skills. When joining Europartner, they are welcomed by our coordinators in order to train them in the company’s practices, before they become a reference for you. Some of our professionals speak English.

Thus, you will be able to establish a daily, structured and effective working relationship with them.

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