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Europartner is a service center for company formation in Brazil.

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Europartner is a service center for international companies in Brazil.

Why choose a Legal Domicile Service?

Opting for a legal and tax domicile service for your business is the ideal solution to quickly start doing business in Brazil without having to worry about renting an office.

Our virtual office service allows you to speed up the formation of your business.

In order to form a company, Brazilian law requires that it has a tax domicile. That address will appear in your company’s articles of organization.

Europartner provides you with the establishment of a legal address for your company, and this tax domicile will make it easier to open a bank account. And, of course, you will be able to receive and send mail.

So, thanks to this service, you can begin business operations quickly without bearing the expense of an office rental.

This fiscal address can be one of the 3 offices that Europartner has in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte. Through its partners, Europartner can also offer you an address in another city.

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