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Europartner is a service center for company formation in Brazil.

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Europartner is a service center for international companies in Brazil.

Europartner is a service hub for setting up companies in Brazil.

Does your company need a legal representative in Brazil? Finding a trusted representative or administrator to manage your business was a difficult task until you discovered Europartner. We are a management and accounting office that helps investors set up their company in Brazil, and we represent it legally in the country.

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Manager and legal representative: what’s the difference?


The manager is legally responsible for the company. He/she is legally responsible for all actions carried out by the company in Brazil.

The manager does not need to hold shares in the company, being simply appointed in the bylaws. According to Brazilian law, the company manager shall be a Brazilian citizen or hold a permanent Brazilian visa.

Why is Europartner able to provide you with a reliable manager?

  • Our manager is the major shareholder and also the Europartner’s founder;
  • The term of office contained in the articles of organization lasts 1 year, renewable with the authorization of the partners;
  • Europartner has a close relationship with you, as it checks your company’s accounting monthly.

Thus, Europartner’s experience allows you to have a relevant view of the management of your company or its subsidiary without getting operationally involved.

Legal representative

Each foreign shareholder or partner in a Brazilian company – whether a legal entity or an individual – must be represented by a Brazilian or by a person holding a permanent visa. Europartner assumes legal responsibility for this representation by means of powers of attorney. This representative cannot act without the express authorization of the shareholders.

To be a legal representative, it is necessary that the professional

  • resides in Brazil (whether a Brazilian or foreigner with a permanent visa);
  • has a Brazilian tax identification number (CPF or CNPJ) enrolled with the Federal Revenue Service.

In addition, representation takes place by means of a legal power of attorney. Thus, the authority of the partners is defined in said document, which must be notarized.

The legal representative of the partners is included in the articles of organization. This representative is not required to hold shares in the company.

Why is Europartner able to provide you with a reliable legal representative?

For the same reasons mentioned above!

Responsibility of the legal representative and manager

It should be noted that the responsibility of the legal representative and the manager covers, for instance, in case of fraud or mismanagement:

  • Responsibility for the company’s liabilities and debts,
  • Civil and criminal liability.

The manager’s assets are mobilized first. If the latter is not solvent, the assets of the legal representative shall be mobilized.

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