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Europartner is a service center for international companies in Brazil.

At Europartner, we offer a wide range of adaptable services, from startups to large international groups. From providing advice during the formation of your company to fully outsourcing your accounting and administrative needs, we are dedicated to providing differentiated solutions. With a strong work ethic and aligned values, we guarantee a trusting relationship with all our customers and partners.

Abertura de empresa no Brasil - Serviço - Estabelecimento -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Company formation

We simplify opening a company in Brazil with specialized guidance. Count on our team of experts to obtain a ready-to-use structure. Simplify the process and contact us now!

Representação Legal - Serviço - Estabelecimento -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Legal representation

Rely on Europartner for your legal and administrative representation in Brazil. We guarantee reliable administration and competent legal representation. Simplify, get in touch!

Domicílio Legal para Empresa - Serviço - Estabelecimento -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Company legal residence

Accelerate the start of your operations without the worries of office rent. We provide a legal address for your company, making it easier to open bank accounts and receive mail.

Procedimentos Bancários - Serviço - Estabelecimento -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Banking procedures

We take care of the entire process, saving your time and eliminating bureaucracy. With strong relationships with Brazilian banks, we guarantee a quick and efficient account opening. Simplify and get in touch!

Obtenção de Visto Brasileiro - Serviço - Estabelecimento -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Obtaining a Brazilian visa

Simplify the visa acquisition process with Europartner. Guidance, speed, and expertise for various types of visas. Avoid delays, count on us!

Business Process Outsourcing
Contabilidade e Gestão Fiscal - Serviço - Terceirização de Serviços -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Bookkeeping and tax services

Count on Europartner to take care of your accounting and tax aspects thanks to our 15 years of expertise in the Brazilian market. Get in touch and simplify your accounting.

Otimização Tributária - Serviço - Terceirização de Serviços -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Tax optimization and studies

We conduct detailed tax simulations for making precise decisions, reducing costs, and maximizing profits within the context of the highly complex tax system.

Departamento Pessoal - Serviço - Terceirização de Serviços -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Human resources management

Let Europartner take care of the bureaucratic aspects of hiring, firing, and payroll, ensuring compliance with Brazilian labor and tax laws.

Gestão Administrativa e Financeira - Serviço - Terceirização de Serviços -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Administrative and financial management

Focus on your business, we take care of your finances and administration. Billing, treasury, accounts payable/receivable, and labor benefits management, all handled with expertise.

Auditoria - Serviço - Terceirização de Serviços -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade


We propose accounting, tax, and management audits to ensure accuracy and efficiency, identify improvements, and comply with all financial and regulatory obligations.

Portabilidade Salarial - Serviço - Terceirização de Serviços -Europartners-Escritorio de Contabilidade

Employer of record

Hire talent in Brazil without opening a local company. Complying with all local regulations, we handle contracts, payroll, and much more.

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