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Understanding VAT in Brazil – The Complete Guide

VAT in Brazil is a topic that requires full attention. Unlike many countries, the Brazilian tax burden is complex and requires preparation to deal with it. Therefore, in this article […]


The Brazilian segment of events has always been very attractive for Brazilian investors and foreigners who plan on establishing legal residence in Brazil. Music festivals, for example, create several jobs […]

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Points you need to consider to hire a BPO company in Brazil

In a highly competitive market, companies that form successful partnerships stand out. The phrase “together we are stronger” applies to all segments and all departments, including the process area. Therefore, […]

How to manage human resources in Brazil?

In recent years, many foreign investors have turned their attention to business opportunities in countries like Brazil. But when they get in touch with the way of managing human resources […]

Brazil is a country rich in unicorn startups to invest and do business

Brazil has already earned its space in the global startup market. The emergence of new unicorn startups companies happens at such an accelerated pace that it even makes it possible to […]

Business in Brazil: our team supports you with accounting, tax and HR aspects

Over the last 15 years, our team has supported several types of companies with the aim of settle a profitable business in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo.  The Covid […]

Why should you entrust us with your administrative & financial tasks ?

The beginning of 2020 is full of economic uncertainties. Indeed, the Covid crisis has weakened many businesses, compromising the survival of the smaller companies.    As a business owner, you […]

Employer of record service in Brazil

In 2020, you’re planning to develop your professional activity on the Brazilian territory. Soon, you’ll have to hire local employees, and you’re looking for a secured solution to limitate the […]

BRAZIL PEO : Your EMPLOYER OF RECORD based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

As a business owner or foreign investor, you might have the opportunity to grow your activity in an exciting commercial territory, such as Brazil.  Setting-up a new business on the […]

What are the taxes in Brazil?

Brazil is a country full of opportunities and with room for great business. Be it in the fields of health, technology, finances, services or products. When an investor, company, businessman […]

Accounting outsourcing in Brazil

In a company, the distribution of administrative functions is highly important for the administrator to be able to reach the business goals, each department has to be focused in collaborating […]