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Europartner in Belo Horizonte

Meeting with local players and business opportunities    In recent weeks, our company has continued its development by creating a branch based in Belo Horizonte. To confirm its presence in […]

Investing in Brazil : 5 Sectors to follow and invest in 2022

Planning how you intend to invest money goes beyond identifying your investor profile. You need to know the opportunities and how they become more or less interesting over time. Therefore, […]

Important blog guidelines about Brazil

Read about some advantages of investing in Brazil

What you need to know about the TAX REFORM IN BRAZIL

If you’re willing to lead a new business in Brazil, you’ve might have heard of the Tax reform.  The Brazilian Tax Reform, according to the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes, […]

What’s the PRONAMPE brazilian program ?

If you’re reading these lines, you may have heard of the PRONAMPE program, that has been recently settled by the local governement. In this new article, we intend to give […]


How to reduce your import tax in Brazil If you’re currently managing a business in Brazil, you might have heard of the Ex-tarifário facility. Even though Brazil has taken protectionism […]

Tax inspection in Brazil

In order for the investor to be able to understand the foundations of a tax planning in Brazil it is important that we show how the inspections in the country […]

Tax planning in Brazil

In order to talk about tax planning in Brazil, first we have to understand how the current macroeconomic context is. It is characterized by the combination of a challenging foreign […]

International Accountancy in Brazil

International Accountancy in Brazil In order for a foreign company to establish itself in Brazil and enjoy the opportunities the country offers, the first step is to have an international […]

Is shopping in Brazil with cryptocurrencies already a reality? How does it work?

Cryptocurrencies are weekly themes in many economic sectors of Brazil and the world – some currencies jumped over 1,300% in value in 2017, after all. This boom happened due to […]

6 steps to optimize your company’s tax management

Starting a business in Brazil is complicated, considering it is the country with the highest tax burden in Latin America. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), […]

Tips on the exchange rate variation, for those who want to invest in Brazil

The exchange rate has a fundamental role in the economy of a country, since it can directly influence the economic system, affecting the companies. It is the value that a […]

Brazilian Visa- Learn about the different types and how to obtain each one

It is necessary to have a Brazilian visa to facilitate the opening of a company in Brazil and for business management. There are several types of visa, and the chosen […]