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Points you need to consider to hire a BPO company in Brazil

Points you need to consider to hire a BPO company in Brazil

In a highly competitive market, companies that form successful partnerships stand out. The phrase “together we are stronger” applies to all segments and all departments, including the process area. Therefore, large companies are betting on hiring a BPO company in Brazil and worldwide. 

Outsourcing business processes to companies that specialize in the subject has good reason. Today, companies rely on a robust BPO strategy. After all, this allows certain types of processes to be implemented faster and more assertively. 

But, before hiring a BPO company in Brazil, consider surveying and analyzing some key points that can make a difference to the success of your business.

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO company)?

In Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), all the essential processes to ensure the success of a company’s operations are in charge of an outsourced company with extensive expertise.   

A few years ago, BPO originally only applied to manufacturing entities and the supply chain. However, process outsourcing also extends to the area of ​​service provision.

Which ones does BPO fit into?

Corporations generally implement BPO practices in the two main areas of operations: back-office and front-office. Back-office BPO consists of outsourcing the main business support operations, for example:

  •     Accounting;
  •     Payment Processing;
  •     IT Services;
  •     Human Resources;
  •     Regulatory Compliance, among others.


Front Office BPO tasks usually include customer related services such as technical support, sales, and marketing. 

4 Relevant aspects when hiring a BPO company in Brazil

Do you, entrepreneur, intend to set up business in Brazil? Or have you already opened your company in Brazil? So, relying on a partner who specializes in business processes can be an advantageous solution. 

Thus, to support efficient hiring, we have shortlisted some aspects that you should prioritize before formalizing a partnership.

Look for references from the partner company

It is necessary to have a broad understanding of how the company operates, especially during its evaluation period. Therefore, look for references on the competence and on the successful cases that your potential BPO partner has built over the years. 

In addition to evaluating the performance of the BPO company in Brazil, also check that the corporation acts with transparency and full access to the information that you, the client, need.

Data Protection

The BPO partner will have access to a lot of processes and therefore to a lot of data about your business. So, make sure that all actions are aimed at protecting the most sensitive information about your company’s operations, according to the LGPD.

Greater technology application

Some outsourcing companies do not perform their actions based on innovation. For example, automation is little explored at the expense of increasing human labor. As a result, costs often increase and efficiency decreases. 

In this scenario, it is more assertive to choose a partner that prioritizes making processes more efficient by using modern technology whenever possible.

Ability to align expectations and demands

Aligning the ideas, expectations and needs is always a basic premise in outsourcing. In the process outsourcing, it is important that the contracted company is able to serve the client, keeping the focus on the demands, while suggesting new practices without interfering with the internal management of the contracting party. 

Get to know Europartner, a BPO company in Brazil

Europartner is an accounting firm in Brazil that provides outsourcing services for accounting processes, seeking to align its business operations with the fiscal and tax laws and regulations in Brazil. 

To learn more about our work and get to know about our successful cases, please contact us by email or phone.

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