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Leading companies of the Energy industry in Brazil in 2022

LEADING COMPANIES OF THE ENERGY INDUSTRY IN BRAZIL IN 2022 / Principais empresas do setor de energia no Brasil

Brazil is one of the leading countries in hydroelectric power generation, trailing China. The growth of power companies in the country is surprising, as is the development of Enel, one of the largest energy companies in Brazil, now a leader in the Brazilian electrical power industry.

A survey published by Statista revealed a list of 25+ leading electricity companies in Brazil, based on net revenue generated. Check out the companies that stood out the most:

Top 3 power companies in Brazil


Enel Brasil leads the list, generating R$36+ billion in revenue, and became one of the largest electric power companies in Latin America, ranking eighth in the top-ten.

The second-best performer was Neoenergia, from the Spain-based group Iberdrola, at just under R$32 billion, and CPFL Energia, which until then was the leader and is now ranked third, with R$29+ billion.

Enel Brasil: a leading company in power distribution


Enel Brasil, owned by Italian group Enel, ranks first among the largest energy companies in Brazil. The company is a player in the global energy and gas market in 31+ countries.

Its power supply capacity is around 89.8 GW, with 50.5 GW of renewable energy, and a network that reaches 2.2 million kilometers, i.e., more than 75 million people in the world are supplied with energy.

Energy consumption by industry


According to data from the InfoMercado Bulletin, issued every 15 days by the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE), which monitors energy consumption in more than 15 industries, the industries that posted the highest consumption increases in 2022 were Wood, Paper and Pulp (+14.6), Services (+8.1%), and Chemical (+6.1%).

However, the industry with the steeper electricity consumption reduction in the last 12 months of the year were Textile (-9.4%), Automotive (-7.7%), and Manufacturing (-5%).

Energy consumption by State


Another key factor is the energy monitoring carried out in the Brazilian states since January 2021. Paraná is the state with the highest energy consumption increase (12%), followed by Mato Grosso (10%) and Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul and Rondônia, which increased consumption by 8% each.

The main reason for the high energy consumption in these states is the influence of the climate scenario and the strong heat waves in the early months of the year.

Nevertheless, some states reduced consumption due to the high rainfall volume, such as Piauí (-12%), Paraíba (-8%) and Rio de Janeiro (-7%).

Energy consumption reduction in 2022


The data collected by the CCEE also show that Brazil demanded an average of 66,751 megawatts in January, a reduction of 0.7% in energy consumption. This was due to a change in the Regulated Market (ACR) that supplies energy to small businesses and homes.

The average consumption by such industries was 44,228 MW, 3.2-percent down year over year.

The Free Energy Market (ACL), which supplies energy to large industries, shopping malls and commercial networks, posted an average demand of 22,522 MW, 4.7% up from January 2021.

To collect this consumption information, the CCEE considered data capable of directly impacting the numbers, such as the migration of these industries to the Regulated Market or Free Market, and how energy is distributed, e.g, through photovoltaic panels.

Europartner supports the energy industry


Europartner is a company specializing in accounting and consulting, which supports the construction of projects in Brazil, including companies in the energy industry.

With more than 15 years of experience in the market, our primary objective is to contribute to companies through efficient administrative and financial management, so as to ensure good results and transform companies into solid organizations.

To learn more about how we can help, please email  us your questions. We’ll return your contact very soon.

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