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Shelf-company in Brazil : conditions & advantages

Posted 2020-07-21

If you’re willing to launch a new business in Brazil, you might have considered the opportunity of purchasing a shelf-company.

In this new article, we’ll give you all the information you need about this particular kind of organization.

What’s the exact definition of a shelf-company ? What are the main advantages of opening one for your business in Brazil ? And above all, would it be a good opportunity for you to establish your business on the brazilian market in a short delay ?

If you need further information or support regarding your activity here in Brazil, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts. We’ll be truly delighted to listen to your needs and offer you a personalized support.

What is a Shelf-company ?

There are several names for this type of company, such as: “Société off the Shelf”, “Shelf Company”, “Ready-made Company” or even “Société dormante” in french.

The Shelf Company is a pre-created Limited Company and therefore already established, which allows you to start your activity immediately without having to worry about the administrative management prior to the creation and establishment of your business.

In which cases you should opt for a shelf-company ?

There are several circumstances that should encourage contractors to purchase a shelf-company.

Here are the main scenarios in which the shelf-company is a possible solution : 

  • If you have to sign a new contract within 48 hours
  • If you are in a hurry and need to bill urgently
  • If you think that your future customers and suppliers will place more trust in a company that has seniority
  • If you want to avoid administrative hassles


The advantages of a Shelf Company: a real time saver

This solution allows you to considerably reduce the time since the steps (see below), necessary for the implementation of your project have been carried out beforehand by our experts.

You will therefore acquire a legally constituted company in a record time, accompanied by all the official documents, without debt and with transparent accounting.

You can start billing the same day you acquire your company.

Europartner’s experts help you in many ways :

Appealing to our team of experts will save you valuable time. In practical terms, we can help you with :

  • changing the information of the shelf-company’s charter (shareholders, activities etc.)
  • the Domiciliation of the Company. You get a registered address in Brazil. 
  • the Appointment of an official secretary
  • the Designation of a Nominee Director 
  • the Intra-community VAT number 
  • the Operational bank account

Choose the Shelf plan that best suits your needs

  • Acquisition of an existing company according to its seniority.
  • Acquisition of an existing company with or without an operational bank account
  • Acquisition of an existing company with or without intra-community VAT number
  • Acquisition of an existing company with or without Nominee Director

Do not hesitate to consult our advisers to find out which type of Shelf Company best meets your expectations.

You got a question ? Need more information about how to settle a shelf-company in Brazil ? Feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to advice and support you in your business development.

Author's post: Europartner Accounting