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Elicit Plant : the French agri biotechnology company expands its activity in Brazil

Elicit Plant Brazil

With the help of Business France, the law firm of Veirano Advogados, and Europartner, the innovative french company is making a success of its installation in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Let’s have a look back to this French success story…

Elicit plant : increase the physiological resilience of crops, while preserving natural resources

Elicit plant has taken up a formidable scientific challenge by providing an answer to the twofold problem of agriculture: how to prevent crop diseases, and how to avoid water stress, the lack of water ? The young french company, based in Vilhonneur near La Rochefoucauld in Charente, has the solution.

Elicit Plant” is first and foremost a research and development laboratory, located in Vilhonneur near La Rochefoucauld in Charente. The 8 chemical engineers, agronomists and biologists have found a purely plant-based treatment to fight crop diseases and avoid water stress, the lack of water that prevents a plant from growing normally. It is an alternative to pesticides and irrigation, as part of the ecological transition.

Boosting crop resistance to water stress, on an international level

 After four years of research, the company has come up with a biostimulant that “significantly reduces crop water requirements, while securing harvest potential. On soybeans, we obtain 20% more yield with an excellent return on investment, since for the farmer the gains are 3 to 7 times higher than the initial investment,” explains Aymeric Molin, Elicit Plant’s General Manager. This is excellent news for a crop that is booming because of the protein plan. We are also recording very good scores on corn and sunflower. “

According to Elicit Plant, “several marketing authorizations are expected soon at the global level: in France, of course, but also in producing countries such as Brazil or the USA, where 70 million hectares are destined for the cultivation of soybeans without irrigation.

Setting up of Elicit plant in Brazil

In order to successfully establish itself in Brazil, Elicit Plant called on the support of three players specializing in the Brazilian market: Business France, the law firm Veirano Advogados, and the accounting company Europartner.

Business France is a founding member of Team France Export which unites public players working for the internationalization of French companies and private players offering solutions. The structure has offered a clear, effective and adapted system to Elicit Plant.

Team France Export thus brings together a continuum of solutions, from preparation to international projection: from the French regions to foreign markets, Team France Export guides SMEs towards solutions that meet their needs.

Veirano Advogados is assisting the French company in setting up its corporate structure and providing full services legal support in Brazil.

Finally, the Europartner team provided operational support in the following areas : accounting and financial management, and also legal administration.

We are delighted to have been able to contribute to the establishment in the Brazilian market of an innovative company offering concrete solutions for agriculture in the face of climate change.

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