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Futurobom Brazil : sport as a vehicle for culture & education

Posted 2021-03-10

For the fourth consecutive year, Europartner Brazil has given a little boost to Futurobom, a social project wich aims to promote access to education and culture in Brazil through the practice of tennis. A cause that we are really happy to support by way of a donation. 

Learn more about Futurobom by reading this short article.

Helping brazilian unprivileged children thanks to sport

The Instituto Futuro Bom is a non-profit institution, founded in 2013. Created with the goal of using tennis and education as tool for social inclusion and development of children and young people in vulnerability situation.

The Instituto Futuro Bom was created by tennis player Marcus Vinicius Meira Fonseca, vice-champion of the American university. Graduated in International Business and an MBA from the University of Santa Fé.

Founded to fighting the entrance to trafficking, to give opportunities, to create leaders and young people disciplined and strengthened to grow and win, giving opportunities to all, regardless of their color, religion, gender, physical or mental condition.

Tennis as a medium of education

2 main types of projects are developed :

Tennis at school

This project, developed thanks to the involvement of the Tennis Evolution school, involves 250 children. Victor travels to municipal schools in the communities of Rocinha, Vidigal and Gloria to take care of children between 7 and 10 years old. Twice a week, it provides children with an introduction to tennis and both mental and physical training, the objectives are threefold:

– Develop motor skills and coordination,

– Work on attitude, behavior and social values,

– Provide support for school learning: through introductory tennis sessions, children do mathematics (memory games, geometry, etc.), sciences and develop their oral expression.

Tennis for all

This project supports around 100 children aged 10 and over. Activities take place in 3 major hotels in Rio: The Sheraton, the Pullman and the Copacabana Palace.

In the program :

– Daily tennis lessons,

– Language courses, IT, children’s rights …,

– Food offered by hotels,

– An annual medical examination,

– Cultural outings.

One of the objectives of this project is to obtain full scholarships for the best elements, many of whom have already entered American universities.

Through sport, Futuro Bom promotes the education and training of the citizens of tomorrow. The children in care will become adults better prepared for life, knowing how to work in a team, be competitive, work under pressure, prioritize tasks, know how to be a leader but also how to play fair.

Want to know more about the Futurobom Institute ? You’d like to give them a little help ? Feel free to check their official website.Futurobom Brazil : sport as a vehicle for culture & education

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