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Four investment opportunities in Brazil

FOUR INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN BRAZil / Oportunidade de investimentos no Brasil

Are you thinking of doing business in Brazil in 2023? So, this is the right time to start your plans of opening a company in Brazil

The country, a worldwide renowned economic power, has received huge foreign investments recently. Thus, there are opportunities for all business models that intend to build themselves on Brazilian territory. 

While the consumer market is on the upswing for retail companies, the business sector has a lot of possibilities for service providers. 

Therefore, it is worth analyzing better the opportunities we point out here in this article of Europartner, an accounting company specialized in opening businesses in Brazil!

In what types of business is it worth investing in Brazil?

Investors who intend to register companies in Brazil have to be aware there are different company models and legal regimes. 

Such diversity certainly allows that small, medium and large enterprises to establish themselves in the South American country, with fine chances of growth of operations. 

However, the ideal choice of the type of corporation / company must comply with the business requirements. 

Besides this, it is important to survey which sectors are more promising, generating attractive commercial opportunities for the opening of business in Brazil

Alternative Energy

Brazil is a nation that offers plenty of business opportunities to entrepreneurs that bet on alternative energy. Due to its large territorial extension and wide range of water resources, the South American country has a great potential in water power generation. 

On the other hand, the major challenge of generating alternative energy with water source is the obsolete equipment used. Low investments in the sector and bureaucracy are factors that make such a situation even more complex. 

Another challenging factor to investors in this field are high fees and taxes, that hinder investments and growth of operations. 

Even though, the last few years have seen a higher search for alternative energy sources. Thus, foreign businessmen already see Brazil as an outstanding market for generation of alternative energy. 

Development of mobile phone app

Unlike the past, smartphones are not intended only for entertainment and for talking on the phone. Devices have more technological features, and currently are amazing tools for testing new software and apps. 

Today, there are more than 235.5 million smartphones registered in Brazil, and a datum that points out to countless opportunities, even in the technology sector.

By the way, in this field, the development of applications for mobile phones is an outstanding activity, paving the way for business opportunities to fintechs, foodtechs, RHtechs, among others. 

Opening of business in Brazil in the agribusiness sector.

As the world’s second food producer, Brazil has 60% of its land destined to agriculture. The field stands out amid Brazilian economic crisis, and it has managed to achieve amazing positive growth numbers. 

For agricultural machine manufacturers or companies that are searching for a new agricultural product supplier, Brazil still remains as an attractive destination.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces are attractive and very profitable business models. At first, as Brazil has developed well as a business destination, receiving more foreign companies in the major hubs of the country.

Despite that, space sharing concept has become more popular among professionals and companies. People are searching for more interaction and network, as they are also willing to reduce business operational costs. 

The convenience of allocating a shared space and the advantages in terms of internet access, meeting room availability and contemporary furniture are other positive points of this kind of business. 

How to register a company in Brazil?

Europartner is a Brazilian accounting company that offers a complete advisory service to businessmen and investors that need to regularize their business in the country. 

Our services include: opening companies, legal representation, visa advisement, advisement for legal residence in addition to complete accounting and financial management. 

Contact us and rely on our experience! 




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