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Europartner attends warm-up event for Campus Party Brazil 2019

On August 16, Europartner attended the official launch event of Campus Party Brazil 2019, held at iMasters, in São Paulo. The “warm up” for next year’s edition brought together dozens of entrepreneurs, startup executives and others interested in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

At the event, CP organizers presented “teasers” of what can be expected for the 2019 edition, which will bring together news and trends in IoT, blockchain, culture maker and technology in the world.

The Campus Party is the world’s largest technology experience that brings together young geeks around a festival of Innovation, Creativity, Science, Entrepreneurship and Digital Universe. It has been held in Brazil since 2008, attracting geeks, entrepreneurs, gamers, scientists and many other creative people annually to attend hundreds of activities on Innovation, Science, Culture, Digital Universe and Entrepreneurship.

Throughout the event, lectures, debates and workshops make Campus Party a unique experience. In this period, it becomes the main meeting point of the most important digital communities in the country. It is an ecosystem that allows visitors to interact, share knowledge, produce news and follow the main trends of a universe where innovation is the key word.

What Europartner expects for Campus Party 2019

“As the largest international experience based on visionary people and opportunities to do business, I have no doubts Campus Party São Paulo 2019 will be a unique event. When we think about innovation and creativity in a event like that, we are talking about the point of reference for new generations on issues of the future such as science, entrepreneurship, Iot, digital entertainment and the use of technology transforming the way that companies do business”, says Rodrigo Zucchi, Commercial Project Manager at Europartner.

“Basically studying and improving all tools and resources, from computer technology to mobile technology, systems and techniques that are used to help us solving problems and making our lives better some way. I believe one of the ‘hits’ of the next edition will be a hackathon in partnership with the city of São Paulo, aiming to find innovative solutions for the city of São Paulo”, predicts Zucchi.

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