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Business in Brazil : our team supports you with accounting, tax and HR aspects

Posted 2020-06-19

Over the last 15 years, our team has supported several types of companies with the aim of settle a profitable business in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. 


The Covid 19 global crisis has strengthened barriers for establishing a long-term and profitable business in Brazil. 

Faced with the unprecedented situation, our team of experts is offering you an opportunity to delegate all the accounting, tax and HR aspects while you keep focused on your business development. 


You’d like to speak to our team quickly ? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Always attentive to your needs, we propose personalized and dynamic daily support.


Our Audit and Review service in Brazil


If you’re working on the establishment of a new business in Brazil, or already leading a company in the country, you might need to delegate some time-consuming administrative tasks, such as accounting, tax management and human resources. 

As a cornerstone of the successful development of your business, these tasks must be managed by experts on the brazilian market & labor law.

By delegating these aspects of your job to our consultants, you save time to concentrate on the business development of your company.


What are the benefits of requesting an Audit ?


Europartner supports you in the delivery of credible financial and accounting statements required for specific transactions.

Loans, purchase of shares, regulation of financial institutions or large corporations…

An audit is also an internal management tool, to ensure the rigor of the internal procedures and bring to light potential improvements.

Our team’s goal is to offer trustworthy analysis of financial statements of your company. These strategic documents can be communicated to third-parties such as investors, creditors, government etc.


A solution that fits your individual needs


By requesting the Europartner Brazil support, you benefit from the expertise and insight of our consultants, who have been helping hundreds of managers willing to settle a profitable business on the brazilian market.

Our dedicated support handles many administrative & financial aspects of your daily tasks : 

  • Analytical review of the financial statements and of their accounting treatment for a given period
  • Review of calculation basis for all corporate taxes paid and provisioned for a given period
  • Analysis of compliance with labor legislation and social charges obligations
  • Review of past tax litigations


You got a question ? Need more information about our Accounting/Tax/Human resources service based in Brazil ? Feel free to contact us. Our team is always happy to advice and support you in your business development.


Author's post: Europartner Accounting