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Brazil 2018, Jair Bolsonaro’s and Fernando Haddad’s schemes aim at different directions.

Europartner has evaluated a few points from Jair Bolsonaro’s government plan (PSL) and Fernando Haddad’s (PT) regarding strategies on foreign politics (international), and it’s clear they share very divergent views. Bolsonaro’s plans and pronouncements, reach out to come near richer countries, especially the United States. On the other hand, the candidate Fernando Haddad, speaks about reinforcing alliance between Latin America and Africa.

The proposals from both candidates are described in public pronouncements and also the government plans sent to the Supreme Electoral Court, (TSE).

Check out this brief comparison between both of 2018 Brazil’s president candidates’ proposals:



 Foreign Politics – Jair Bolsonaro

“The structure of External Affairs Ministry needs to be under beliefs which have always been linked to the Brazilian people. Besides that, encourage foreign trade between countries that might add technological and economical value to Brazil” – Government Plan

“We’ll stop praising murderous dictatorships and despising or even attacking important democracies as the USA, Israel and Italy. We’ll no further make spurious commercial agreements or hand our people’s patrimony to international dictators” – Government Plan

“Besides deepening our union with all Latin American family who are free from dictatorship, we need to redirect our partnerships axis” – Government Plan

“Countries which attempted to become closer, but were deprecated because of ideological reasons have a lot to offer to Brazil, as far as commerce, science, technology, innovation, education and culture are concerned.” – Government Plan

“Emphasis on mutual relationships and agreements.” – Government Plan

“As so, we propone several import duties cutback, and non-tariff restraints, besides the constitution of new international agreements.” – Government Plan

“We’ll continue keeping in touch with the authorities overseas, aiming the victory possibility [in the elections], and we’ll open our market to a polished world, first world per say. Taking that dialogue approach for an example, combined with trust coming from our side, it’ll help our country’s economy a whole lot.”

He intends to extradite the terrorist Cesare Battisti, loved by the political left-inclined Brazilians, immediately in case he wins the elections.

The candidate also signed change between the affiliation with China, he intends to keep with the commercial relationships – the biggest importer and exporter to Brazil –, “We just can’t allow China or any other country to ‘buy’ Brazil, instead of buying in Brazil.”

Bolsonaro must move away from Venezuela, Brazil cannot accept “this kind of ideology” in its territory. Regarding the Venezuelan immigrants, the president suggested the conception of a refugee camp.


Foreign Politics – Fernando Haddad 

“In this setting, Brazil must resume and deepen the external policy of Latin American union and the south-south partnership (specially with Africa) in order to support, simultaneously, multilateralism, the search for solving through dialogue and disavowal towards intervention and threatening solutions. The BRICS fortification is another essential guideline of external policy that reinforces the presence of developing countries in the international agenda and encourages the development of new reciprocal instruments and multilateral association reform ” – Government Plan

“Haddad’s polity will fortify worldwide dialogue prone to peace arrangement and resume the cooperation inside the health and education fields, and also nutritional and nourishment safety, among others, prioritizing Latin countries and Africa. Brazil will also return its attendance actively in the International Human Rights System” – Government Plan

“It’s necessary to recover integration advances. That will demand a strong political will. Our government will promote the integration of regional productive chains, infrastructure and instruments financing growth reinforcement, as Mercosur Structural Convergence Fund – FOCEM and the Banco del Sur. In this context, efforts in fortifying Mercosur and the union between South American nations – Unasur and secure the Latin American and Caribbean States community construction – CELAC will be prioritized, potencialized by the historical victory of Lopez Obrador on the Mexican elections.” – Government Plan

“Besides South and Latin America union, we must resume a proactive attitude on the international scheme. Initiatives as the Dialogue India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) and the BRICS Forum will be fortified, which will lead to a change in the negotiations pattern in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and transition from G-8 to G-20.


Economic Policy – Jair Bolsonaro

The candidate is prone to adjusting the microeconomic foundation (alongside with a fiscal target and inflation regime, with floating exchange rate) and stands up for the need of a tax simplification, leading to a single federal tribute.


Economic Policy – Fernando Haddad 

He proposes minimizing deficiency encouraging economic activity and consumption combined with progressive taxation, raising taxes for people from richer fractions and also from the shareholders’ profits in private initiative.


Privatizations – Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian investors are excited about the possibility of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) reaching Republic Presidency, given his promises about privatizations – Although not really clear yet, but more appealing than the rival’s.


Privatizations – Fernando Haddad 

Haddad is against privatizing public assets, mainly from companies labeled as “strategical”, for instance, the economic and energy sectors. PT’s government plan also proposes to restrain the “outsourcing” from public department, including the health section.


Public spending limit – Jair Bolsonaro

As deputy, he voted prone to the “PEC” (Proposed Constitutional Amendment) that froze public expenditure for 20 years.


Public spending limit – Fernando Haddad 

He suggests revoking the measure that, in his point of view, hinders the state’s investments in essential departments, for example, health and educational sections.


Social programs – Jair Bolsonaro

Will repair the “Bolsa Família” program, implementing an auditing.


Social programs – Fernando Haddad 

He intends to adopt the Emergency Action Plan, enlargement of the programs “Bolsa Família” and “Minha Casa, Minha Vida”, investments in public constructions and cheaper credit lines.


Social welfare – Jair Bolsonaro

Says he’s against the repair proposal presented by the government, because it is “too big”. He affirmed he’ll propose gradual changes in retirement, focusing on the combat against the “maharaja factory”.


Social welfare – Fernando Haddad 

He rejects the proposal of a Labor Reform. He understands the deficiency can be overcome through combating evasion, and economy recovery, encouraging labor’s formalization.


Labor reform – Jair Bolsonaro

The main proposal is establishing a new labor permit, “green and yellow”, so the new employees are able to choose if they wish to keep an employment relationship, based on the current labor legislation or obtain the new labor permit, which the employment contract would prevail over the labor law they’ll be able to choose their trade unions.


Labor reform – Fernando Haddad 

Haddad’s proposal is the elaboration of a new “Status of work” aligned with new demands of future production. He’ll promote an enlargement of a training system throughout the entire work life of the employees and benefit unions that value professional qualification.


Public security – Jair Bolsonaro

To fight crime, he intends to promote the hardening of criminal laws, reinforce policing and encourage a reevaluation on firearms regulation.


Public security – Fernando Haddad 

He defends a policy for “public safety citizen”, that is, based on social programs and fights against inequalities in more vulnerable and violent regions. He is also against the firearm carrying legalization.




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