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Despite of the fact the country is undergoing economic and social turbulent times, building a business in Brazil still can be a strategic opportunity for foreign contractors.

As a matter of fact, the 9th largest economy worldwide and largest economy in Latin America continues to attract investors coming from all around the world. 

Through this new blog post, we invite you to discover the main advantages of launching a business, or opening a branch in Brazil. If you’re seeking for any tips or help before setting up your business on the brazilian territory, feel free to reach us by using our contact form. We’ll be happy to support you through all stages of establishing a company in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, or Fortaleza

The Key benefits of setting up a business in Brazil


  • A business gateaway to all Latin America

First benefit – and a considerable one, establishing a business in Brazil is a way to access to other latin american countries, and to take advantage of strategic trade agreements. As you may already know, Brazil is part of the Southern Common Market, commonly referred as Mercosur, founded in 1991. By deciding to build your own company in Brazil, you’ll get direct access to plenty of business opportunities with the other members of the trade bloc, such as Argentina, Paraguay or Uruguay.

In addition to the trading opportunities, setting up your business in Brazil allows you to benefit of fiscal facilities if you decide to build strategic relationships with other members of the Mercosur circle.

  • A high range of profitable business opportunities 

The country is offering plenty of business opportunities, attracting, as a side effect, more and more foreign investors. As a historical leader in the area of agriculture, Brazil can be a real growth driver for technological companies which could help improving and modernize the local processes. Beside the farm sector, there are other fields that can be worth reflecting on, such as energy sector, mobile application development, or financial technology.

Another great business opportunity consists in investing in the mining sector, which has a lot to offer to foreign investors. The new pro-mining government should encourage the establishment of foreign mining companies.

  • Infrastructures that help the smooth running of import-export companies

Foreign investors specialized in import-export can easily take advantage of infrastructural and transportation facilities specific to the brazilian territory. Large roads, modern railway systems make Brazil a great international trading hub.

  • Foreign investment facilities

The new government intends to promote foreign direct investment in Brazilian companies. With the help of our team, you could easily set-up your own business in Brazil without the imperative to be physically on site.

  • Large consumer market in Brazil

Even though the country is experiencing a global crisis, Brazil remains nonetheless a huge consumer market. As the fifth world’s population, the nation represents a high potential growth driver for foreign companies.

Among the expanding sectors of the brazilian market, we could mention the industries of cars, computers and computer software, e-commerce, information technology equipment, computer hardware, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, food and dietary supplements, luxury goods, and tourism. You’re thinking of starting a new business or open a branch in Brazil ? The Europartner team works hand-to-hand with you to ensure the success of your business plan.

In practical terms, we support you in all the administrative and legal aspects of your new establishment in Brazil.

Driven by professional and human values, we provide our expertise and know-how for the successful implementation of your enterprise on the brazilian floor.

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