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Europartner is an accounting office that monitors international companies operations in Brazil.

Good words from our CEO
Antoine Reymondon - Presidente Europartner - Escritório de Contabilidade
Antoine Reymondon

Europartner President

Europartner assists companies worldwide and has been operating in Brazil for over 15 years, leveraging its extensive experience to benefit its clients.

Our recipe for success is putting the client at the center of our strategy. Vigilant project monitoring, responsiveness, clear information and communication, often in your preferred language, are the cornerstone of our success.

I have imparted my experience in South America, and particularly in Brazil, to my three local directors, all multilingual Europeans. They are based in the country’s three main financial centers. In turn, they can assist you in the technical aspects of your project and, above all, guide you through this country of continental proportions, which has many fascinating and perplexing characteristics. We are more than accountants; we are your trusted partners, here to guide you.

I ensured that our Brazilian technical teams focus on quality, confidentiality, and meeting deadlines. We are attuned to the demands of our European, North American, and Asian clients. For instance, there is no possibility that your subsidiary's monthly or annual balance sheets and financial statements will be delayed, thus penalizing the group closing.

Our teams’ diverse backgrounds and expertise allow us to confidently provide comprehensive support for your operations. We are doing everything in our power to make Brazil an accessible market.

Our history

Europartner's Success Journey: From Innovation to Business Leadership

Europartner was created in 2009 by Mathieu Piques, together with other French and Brazilian partners, when Brazil was booming. This new giant was then the new Eldorado of the business area. At that time, many foreign businessmen came to Rio de Janeiro to try taking their chances.

Antoine Reymondon was one of Europartner’s first clients. He quickly became one of the company’s partners. The Rio office gradually expanded. In 2012, Europartner had around twenty clients, managed by around ten employees. Since that time, acquiring new customers has always been based on the company’s strategy: providing the customer with personalized service, and always being in contact to be able to meet their needs with great reactivity.

It was then that Europartner decided to open a second office, in São Paulo. The objective was to reach larger and more comprehensive companies internationally. The new office was quickly successful : for example, signing agreements with prestigious companies such as Lego and the Accor group.   In 2020, Europartner had significantly increased its teams : around thirty employees made up the accounting office.

In the same year, one of its historical clients, PSG Academy, leader in soccer schools in Brazil, decided to set up shop in Belo Horizonte, the third largest economic hub in the country. Europartner has proven once again that it cares about providing the best possible support to its customers. Thus, a new office was opened.

Today, in 2023, Europartner has a portfolio of 300 accounting, tax management and financial management clients monthly. In 2023, with a staff of around 60 employees, the company had revenues of 35 million reais, promoting itself as a BPO startup for international companies in Brazil.

Our Clients

Worldwide trust

Mapa de clientes Europartner
Country of origin of Europartner clients 2024
Some of our clients

We serve a diversity of clients, from startups to corporations, locally and globally

Our Team

Global strength with local expertise

Europartner’s management is European, while the teams are Brazilian. This results in a cultural diversity that is today one of the company’s greatest differentiators.

Antoine Reymondon - CEO - Europartner-Escritorio de Contabilidade
Bandeira França Bandeira Inglesa Bandeira Brasileira Bandeira Espanha

Antoine Reymondon


Antoine Reymondon is the general director of the Europartner group. An engineer with an MBA in finance and international trade, he spent 12 years advising foreign companies on their operations in Brazil, from formal incorporation to financial, tax, and legal advisory. His previous experience as a general manager of a subsidiary of an international company provided him with all the insights to better understand the complexity of South America and the Brazilian market in particular. These unique experiences allowed him to make Europartner one of the leaders in supporting European and North American companies in Brazil.

Antoine is fluent in French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish .

Ekaterina Bertrand - Diretor Operacional RJ - Europartner-Escritorio de Contabilidade
Bandeira França Bandeira Russa Bandeira Inglesa Bandeira Brasileira

Ekaterina Bertrand

Branch Director Rio de Janeiro

Ekaterina Bertrand is operations branch director of the Europartner office in Rio de Janeiro. She holds dual French and Russian citizenship. After getting a master’s degree in sociology and an MBA in management, she has worked in human resources, sales, marketing and business development departments in Russia, France and Brazil for over 10 years. Through her experiences, she has acquired a solid knowledge of company formation in Brazil, mainly on HR and financial aspects.

Ekaterina speaks French, Russian, English and Portuguese.

Clément Floc'h - Diretor Operacional SP - Europartner-Escritorio de Contabilidade
Bandeira França Bandeira Inglesa Bandeira Brasileira

Clément Floc'h

Branch Director São Paulo

Clément Floc’h is a branch director of the Europartner office in São Paulo. He got a master’s degree from NEOMA business school in France. He started his career in Paris and was then hired by Europartner in Brazil. His expertise in finance and accounting has helped make the company one of the main players in the English-speaking BPO area in Brazil. He has been working at Europartner for 7 years.

Clément speaks French, English and Portuguese.

Mathieu Fredon - Diretor Operacional BH - Europartner-Escritorio de Contabilidade
Bandeira França Bandeira Inglesa Bandeira Brasileira

Mathieu Fredon

Branch Director Belo Horizonte

Mathieu Fredon is the branch director of the Europartner office in Belo Horizonte. He earned a master’s degree from EDHEC Business School in France and a master’s degree in accounting. After graduating in financial auditing at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), he worked for 7 years at the multinational JCDecaux in Paris as a Financial Controller, subsequently as an Administrative and Financial Manager, and eventually as an international auditor. Later, he created and managed his company in Nantes, Bé2M, which operated for 9 years in gastronomy and corporate event management. At Europartner, he manages marketing, innovation, and operations in Belo Horizonte.

Mathieu speaks French, English, and Portuguese.

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