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Brazil in 2021 : Entrepreneurship stimulated by a drastic increase of Venture Capital Investments

According to the results of a survey conducted by the Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (Abvcap) in partnership with KPMG covering the first nine months of 2021, it […]

Brazilian economy: encouraging news from the IMF

The International Monetary Fund said Brazil’s economic performance has been better than expected “in part due to the authorities’ energetic response” as the economy emerges from the slowdown caused by […]

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Brazil demands flexibility from Mercosur to negotiate bilateral agreements and defends tariff reduction

Brazil’s Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, asked Mercosur for flexibility so that each member country can negotiate bilateral agreements with other nations and defended the reduction of the common external […]

Brazilian fintechs authorized to receive tax payments

Digital financial institutions, called the fintechs, were authorized to receive Federal Revenue Collection Documents (DARFs) for the payment of taxes from January 2021.  The decision is contained in Ordinance No. […]

The different types of employment contract in Brazil

While it is common in Brazil to work without a contract, it is highly recommended to have one as an expat. You will need it in particular to obtain your […]

Tax reform in Brazil : Paulo Guedes confirms the merger of PIS/Cofins

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, handed over this tuesday 07/21 to the National congress a proposal from the federal government with part of the tax reform studied by the […]

New brazilian resident : CPF or CNPJ ?

You have planned to stay in Brazil for a long time, not just for tourism. Maybe, you’re even thinking of launching a business in São Paulo, or Rio de Janeiro… […]

Imposto de Renda

All about Income Tax 2020: what it is, and how to declare   Are you ready to declare your 2020 Income Tax (Imposto de Renda : IR) ? Between the […]

Brazilian employment contract termination

How to break a contract of employment in Brazil ? Terminating an employment contract in Brazil is quite complicated even when the initiative comes from the employee, in part because […]

Agreement between Mercosur and the European Union 2019

New Mercosur deal with Europe generates opportunities to invest in Brazil. During the international G-20 summit in Japan, after 20 years of negotiations, Brazil and France reached the break-even point […]

How to open a company in Brazil

Opening a company in Brazil is easier now! Formerly, opening a company in Brazil demanded one to invest time, money, and to have patience. The processes used to be bureaucratic, […]

Brazil 2018, Jair Bolsonaro’s and Fernando Haddad’s schemes aim at different directions.

Europartner has evaluated a few points from Jair Bolsonaro’s government plan (PSL) and Fernando Haddad’s (PT) regarding strategies on foreign politics (international), and it’s clear they share very divergent views. […]