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Tax optimization is what will help you, after fulfilling all your tax obligations, take advantage of the maximum level of tax benefits allowed by Brazilian law, in order to reduce costs and maximize profits. Our accounting team has an extensive knowledge of tax regulations in Brazil, and will help you create a fiscal intelligence structure suited to your operations.

Although Brazil attracts increasingly more entrepreneurs intending to set up their business here or invest in the country, the Brazilian tax system is one of the most complex in the world. With its three differents regimes (Lucro Presumido, Lucro Real, Simples Nacional), its three level of taxes (Federal, State and Municipal) and its numerous exceptions, the fiscal aspect in Brazil can scare the entrepreneur.

In spite of this, for more than 10 years, Europartner has advised and supported hundreds of companies in the fiscal area. We provide strategic solutions in taxes and corporate governance on tax terms and value-added services through the study of tax legislation. You should know tax optimization in Brazil is a strategic tool for competitiveness. We are able to help you to optimize and reduce their tax loads.

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